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February 27, 2020

Sonder Payments Now Offers Poynt Terminal Hardware

We’re proud to announce an expansion to our hardware offerings for Sonder Payments members. As of this month, members will have the option of selecting a sleek Poynt terminal to pair with their Sonder Payments merchant account.

Poynt offers two hardware options, the Poynt Smart Terminal and the Poynt 5, a mobile reader. Here’s a bit more about each:

Poynt Smart Terminal

About the size of your average tablet, the Poynt Smart Terminal is the most complete wireless payments solution on the market. Merchants can use the terminal to accept card swipes, EMV chips, or even contactless card payments without need for any additional hardware.

The system boasts a battery life of 8 hours and operates through 3G or WiFi, meaning there’s no need to keep it plugged in all day. The terminal also houses two touch-screens, making transactions quick and easy for the customer.

You can learn more about the Poynt Smart Terminal here.

Poynt 5

The Poynt 5 terminal offers much of the same functionality of the Poynt Smart Terminal in a more compact form factor. About the size of your average smartphone, the Poynt 5 is made to be carried with you so you can accept payments anywhere, whether in your store or on-the-go.

Like it’s larger brother, the Poynt 5 operates over 3G or WiFi and can accept card swipes, EMV chips, and contactless card payments. However, the Poynt 5 sacrifices its second screen to achieve its portability.

You can learn more about the Poynt 5 Terminal here.

If you have any other questions about these terminals or if you are interested in using a Poynt terminal in your Sonder Payments setup, contact or call (844) 575-3216.